Please be aware we have updated our contact details. If you wish to write to us, please use PO Box 175, Leeds, LS10 9EW
Your account is no longer being managed by Fredrickson International Ltd and has been returned to Lowell. Any payments you have made towards this account have been sent to Lowell.
If you have any questions, you can contact Lowell by calling 0333 556 5733 or emailing
Alternatively, you can register and manage your account(s) online at Any further contact about your account should be made directly to Lowell.

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Customer Help

We understand that being in debt is not a pleasant experience and our aim is reach an acceptable outcome for all concerned. We are usually able to accept a repayment offer of pre-agreed instalments. It is important that any arrangement to pay is achievable and affordable.


We offer the widest range of payment options including: credit/debit card, Direct Debit, BACS, Standing Order, cheque/postal order and barcode.

Once an arrangement to pay is agreed and maintained there will be no further contact from our office regarding the account.

When making contact with our offices, please ensure you quote your Reference Number. This number can be found on any item of correspondence from us regarding the outstanding amount. We are required to ask some questions to confirm your identity, in line with our obligations under the Data Protection Act prior to discussing the account in detail. When making a payment please include your reference number as this will ensure the payment we receive is credited to your account quickly and accurately.

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